Non-state social initiative for those who consider moving to Russia from Western countries
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We are expats from America along with their Russian friends who would love to help you get new opportunities in Russia.

In Russia we recieve freedom and respect for our traditional family values and progressives do not pressure us to abandon them. We have discovered new opportunities for business and careers, safety, widely avaliable health care, and quality education for people of all ages.

If these things are also important to you and you have questions about immigration, you can contact us via email:
Our team provides for immigrants: legal support, employment and recruitment support, state resources as well as informational and psychological support.

Welcome to the Russian Federation
Joseph Rose
Businessman, expat, blogger
Svetlana Anokhina-Rose
Linguist, LMHC (Licensed mental health counsellor), a mother of 5, administrator of the project
Fr. Joseph Gleason
American Orthodox Priest
Tim Kirby
Fabrice Sorlin
Political analyst, tele-radio talk show host, pro American football player.
Vice-president of the International Russophile Movement.
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Aid Center Update

Aid Center Update

Summer is off to a good start here at the Immigration Aid Center for NATO Country citizens who are considering moving to Russia! Many of us here on the site had the privilege of speaking at not 1 but 3 high profile events to help bring attention to the importance of improving the immigration to Russia of people who hold dear Traditional Family Values.
In the city of Voronezh halfway between Moscow and the southern Russian border there was a panel discussion on our topic at the annual conference “Community” a Forum for those who Act’ where anyone can make an official appeal to the Russian government.
In Saint Petersburg our group was able to speak at a few different panels at the ‘Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum’.
Then back in Moscow there was a follow up panel at the ‘Moscow Civic Chamber’ with even more guest speakers from the original Voronezh conference. Please see links below to watch these events:
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